Toy «Vegetables set TechnoK», art. 5323

CategoryKitchens, dishes, market > Sets with products
Art. code5323
Weight165 g
Dimensions17х14.5х13.5 cm
Package Dimensions59.7х32х33.4 cm
About Product
"Fresh" cucumber, "juicy" tomato or "crispy" cabbage? Our set of toy vegetables is generous, very interesting and realistic. Playing with such a set is a pleasure, because you can fantasize, invent culinary masterpieces and new exciting entertainment.
The set includes 9 vegetables: corn, carrot, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, potato, onion and pepper. This set will introduce the baby to vegetables, will be useful when studying shapes and colors, when counting, performing the first mathematical operations. With them, the child will be interested in turning into a chef, playing in a restaurant or a store.
The toys are made of strong, high-quality plastic, odorless, safe for children. The colors and shape of plastic vegetables are very similar to real ones.