Toy "Fruit Set TechnoK", art. 5316

CategoryKitchens, dishes, market > Sets with products
Art. code5316
Weight295 g
Dimensions25.5 х 20 х 11 cm
Package Dimensions39.7×39.7×30.4 cm
About Product
A bright set of fruits will be needed in the toy kitchen of all little housewives. Now children will be able to carry products and not lose anything. A compact and convenient basket with an interesting pattern and strong handles.
Children with such a set will be able to fantasize and come up with various healthy dishes for their toy friends.
In addition to story role-playing, with the help of such a set, the baby will be able to get acquainted with the main fruits, as well as learn colors and shapes.
All toys are made of safe and high-quality materials, there is no harmful pungent smell.
Complete set: banana, lemon, grapes, orange, apple - 2 pcs., pear - 2 pcs., strawberry - 2 pcs., basket.