Toy "Kitchen 10 TechnoK", art. 1172

CategoryKitchens, dishes, market > Kitchen sets with a cooking surface
Art. code1172
Weight664 g
Dimensions37 х 26.5 х 16.5 cm
Package Dimensions53.7 × 37.7 × 37.4 cm
About Product
A kitchen set in a spacious basket is a real find for a small housewife. Bright colors and variety of tableware will certainly attract the attention of children and parents.
The set has everything you need to prepare delicious dishes and meet guests. Pots with lids and a frying pan for realizing various culinary ideas. The cooking surface will make the cooking process as realistic as possible. And to delight guests with fragrant coffee - a teapot with a lid, 4 cups with spoons on saucers. 
All toys are placed in a large basket with two handles. So you can take dishes with you on a walk and arrange a real picnic for friends. At home, it is convenient to collect toys in a basket and store them in the children's room.
Such role-playing games will help children show hospitality, teach them to keep clean and tidy. With toy dishes, children learn the basics of table setting and cooking. Games develop coordination, imagination and thinking.
All elements of the set are made of strong, high-quality, odorless plastic, safe for children.
The set includes: a basket, 2 pots with lids, a cooking surface, a frying pan, a kettle, 4 cups and saucers, 4 deep plates, 4 sets of cutlery.