Toy "Cart TechnoK", art. 6924

CategoryKitchens, dishes, market > Baskets, trolleys, supermarket
Art. code6924
Weight485 g
Dimensions37х26.5х18 cm
Package Dimensions64 х 37 х 29.5 cm
About Product

A toy kitten cart is an interesting and original toy for boys and girls. It will come in handy every day – for a walk in the park with the favorite stuffed friends, in the sandbox with plenty of toys or in the supermarket. It can be used in different role-playing games: “a shop”, “pick-nick” and everything else the child can imagine.

A comfortable basket with handles is securely attached to the cart. It`s interesting that you can remove the basket from the cart and play separately with each other. In the basket it is convenient to carry fruits, vegetables, dishes, sand sets and other toys. Its size permits to carry it outside, in the sand box or in the kindergarten. 

The peculiarity is its design – a very nice kitten. Ears and face will surely catch children's attention.

Durable body, reliable wheels and handle make the cart maneuverable and resistant to overturning.

Role-playing games develop fine motor skills, imagination, fantasy and help to train movement coordination. Playing together, children develop social and communicative skills.

The toy is for kids above 3.

The set includes: a cart with a handle, a basket.

The package is a net.