Toy "Dinnerware set", art. 7273

CategoryKitchens, dishes, market > Kitchen sets with small dishes
Art. code7273
Weight260 g
Dimensions32.5 х 23 х 10 cm
Package Dimensions55.2 х 33 х 33.5 cm
About Product

The toy tableware is very popular among kids. We are not surprised, as it`s based on familiar things to children that they meet every day.  Cook borshch, make tea or bake a cake – these are so loved by children role-playing games with dolls and friends.
The toy “Kitchen set TechnoK '' will surely attract children's attention with bright colors and interesting complectation. Children can organize pleasant tea ceremonies during warm summer days or in snowy winter evenings with warm plaids.
A nice teapot with rounded shapes, a sugar holder, two cups and saucers, fruit and cupcakes are on a beautiful tray.
Special attention should be paid to the exclusive design of the tray with bright, juicy images of cookies, ice cream and sweets. The illustration is attached with IML technology (direct injection of the picture on the toy). Such a drawing does not lose its brightness and it`s durable, unlike a standard sticker.
This kitchen set will perfectly complement any toy kitchen and will transform the games in more interesting and dynamic ones.
The toy is made of durable high quality plastic without odor or sharp edges.
For kids above 3. The package is a net with a bright cardboard label.
The set includes : a tray, a sugar holder with lid, a teapot with lid, two cups and saucers with spoons, a plate, 3 strawberries and 4 different molds.