Toy “Trolley for supermarket ТеchnoK», art. 4227

CategoryKitchens, dishes, market > Baskets, trolleys, supermarket
Art. code4227
Weight995 g
Dimensions56 х 47 х 36.5 cm
Package Dimensions47.5х 52 х 37 cm
About Product
A trolley for a supermarket will help a child feel like an adult shopper in a modern shopping center. It's the perfect addition to supermarket and food delivery games. After all, it is so interesting to collect a basket full of juicy vegetables, sweet fruits and fragrant pastries for a delicious family dinner. And you can put a whole bunch of different toys in the cart. It is especially convenient to carry your favorite soft toys and dolls at home and on a walk. And there are many more interesting games that children will come up with.
The toy with a large capacious basket has tipping protection, and the wide bottom shelf will comfortably accommodate your favorite soft toy.
Various role-playing games develop fine motor skills, thinking and imagination well.
The smallest stroller will provide support when walking. Mom will also love it as an extra storage space. It is in such an interesting form of play that you can teach a child to assemble his toys.
The cart is made of high-quality, odorless plastic. Large strong wheels provide it with stability and good passability on various roads. Thanks to the use of only high-quality dyes, the toy does not lose its bright color for a long time and does not fade under the sun's rays.
For the most realistic and interesting game, we recommend combining "Supermarket Trolley" with "Food Sets" and "Vegetable Sets" from TechnoK!
Toy for children from 3 years old. Shipped disassembled.