Toy " Kitchen 7 TechnoK", art. 0847

CategoryKitchens, dishes, market > Kitchen
Art. code0847
Weight2770 g
Dimensions60 х 50 х 20 cm
Package Dimensions60.7 х 48.7 х 62.9 cm
About Product
The toy "Kitchen 7" is a comfortable, realistic and convenient kitchen that will help the child easily learn kitchen utensils and how to use them. The kitchen has three burners with knobs that turn and simulate turning on gas, hooks, shelves for dishes, a large oven with doors and two side cabinets. The set also includes a variety of dishes and a sink with a faucet.
Original kitchen legs with two cabinets make the toy resistant to tipping over and very functional. The height of the kitchen when assembled is 81 cm, and the width of the worktop is 51 cm. It is convenient for two or three children to play at the wide worktop.
Toy "Kitchen" from TechnoK is a great choice for role-playing games. They develop children's abilities and thinking well, help to form the skills of cooking, cleaning, and learn the rules of behavior with kitchen appliances.
The toy is made of safe and high-quality materials. High-quality dyes provide a bright color for a long period of use.
The tableware set includes: a frying pan, a kettle, a saucepan with a lid, 2 cups on saucers and 2 spoons.
Packaging – a bright box with a handle (61 x 48 x 20 cm)