Toy "Kitchen Set TechnoK", art. 1844

CategoryKitchens, dishes, market > Kitchen
Art. code1844
Weight1144 g
Dimensions60 × 36 × 18.5 cm
Package Dimensions62.2 × 38.2 × 62.9 cm
About Product
"Kitchen 9 TechnoK" is a bright and convenient version of the toy. The kitchen has a hob with rotating handles, an oven with a door, shelves for dishes and food and an extractor hood.
This is a comfortable kitchen where a child can experiment and fantasize about creating culinary masterpieces. Such a toy helps the little one get to know the world better, learn something new and develop talents. It is important that the toys are understandable and created on the basis of things familiar to the child.
"Kitchen 9 TechnoK" is made of high-quality materials, does not contain harmful substances, so it is safe for children.