Toy "Kitchen 7 TechnoK", art. 2179

CategoryKitchens, dishes, market > Kitchen sets with a cooking surface
Art. code2179
Weight255 g
Dimensions22 × 16 × 10 cm
Package Dimensions39.7 × 39.7 × 30.4 cm
About Product
The "Halinka 7 TechnoK" toy is a bright stove for the kitchen, on which a child can experiment in the cooking process and "cook" food for his friends or dolls.
The set also includes 4 plates, a frying pan, a pot, a kettle and cutlery. All kitchen utensils are made in bright, saturated colors.
With such a toy, the little one will be able to learn not only how to cook delicious dishes, but also how to serve them beautifully. A toy kitchen well develops children's coordination, imagination, communication skills and thinking, and develops cooking and cleaning skills.