Toy "Scooter TechnoK", art. 3473

CategoryRide-ons > Scooters
Art. code3473
Weight960 g
Dimensions54×36.5×24 cm
Package Dimensions54.7×24.7×37.9 cm
About Product
The "Scooter TechnoK" will turn any stroll into an unforgettable adventure that your child will cherish forever.
More than just a toy, the "Scooter TechnoK" is a gateway to a fun and grown-up world, making every day brighter and more active for your child. With its reliable construction and excellent maneuverability, your child will easily handle the "Scooter TechnoK" and enjoy every moment of the journey.
Equipped with all the necessary features for safe riding and fun times, the "Scooter TechnoK" boasts comfortable handles, a sturdy frame, and reliable wheels to ensure stability and comfort even on uneven surfaces.
Let your child feel like a real master of control and discover new horizons with the "Scooter TechnoK"!
This toy is suitable for children aged 1 to 3 years old.