Toy "Rollocycle TechnoK", art. 3831

CategoryRide-ons > Scooters
Art. code3831
Weight1355 g
Dimensions61×49.5×26 cm
Package Dimensions61.7 × 52.9 × 33.7 cm
About Product
"The Rollcycle TechnoK" is the perfect combination of a pedal-free bicycle, a push bike, and a scooter. This unique toy is designed to provide your little one with fun and exciting outdoor activity.
With "Rollcycle TechnoK," your child can not only develop their coordination and balance but also enjoy every moment of the ride. Convenient handles and a sturdy frame make this toy the ideal companion for any adventure.
Allow your little one to experience the joy of movement and discover all the delights of an active lifestyle outdoors with "Rollcycle TechnoK"!
This wonderful toy is suitable for children aged 1 and up.