Step stool for Kids TechnoK, art. 9109

CategoryBaby products > Covers, stands
Art. code9109
Weight428 g
Dimensions41 х 26.5 х 15 cm
Package Dimensions41 х 26.5 х 38 cm
About Product

All kids want to help their parents and grow up quickly. They want to brush their teeth and comb their hair by themselves. It's especially fun to help in the kitchen: cutting, stirring, shaping, or just watching mom. But often, the countertop is too high and out of reach for the little ones. A step stool becomes an indispensable assistant in such tasks. It is also convenient to use in the bathroom to sit on the toilet or to reach the sink.

The step stool is large, sturdy, and practical. It has rubberized inserts on the legs to prevent slipping. The top surface has an additional textured and matte finish for safety.

The recommended maximum load is 40 kg. The colors of the step stools match the children's bathtubs, toilet seat covers, and potties. This will create a cohesive collection of household items for your child, fitting nicely into the bathroom and children's room decor. It will also positively affect the child's acceptance of new items, as they will already be familiar and comforting.

The step stool is made of durable, high-quality plastic that is odorless and free of phthalates and BPA. This means the product is non-allergenic, allowing your child to touch and even lick it without worry. The use of only high-quality dyes ensures a bright color over a long period of use.