Toy "Pyramid TechnoK", art. 2032

CategorySeasonal Toys > Pyramids and molds
Art. code2032
Weight90 g
Dimensions35 х 9 х 9 cm
Package Dimensions39.7 × 39.7 × 30.4 cm
About Product

Toy pyramid "Sandcastles TechnoK" is an exciting toy for your little one, consisting of 6 multi-colored sand molds. With these molds, your child can create a magnificent pyramid up to 35 cm high or stack them one on top of the other to create interesting combinations. Each mold features a cheerful animal, making the game even more engaging and fascinating for the child.

With the "Sandcastles TechnoK" toy pyramid, your child will not only have fun outdoors but also develop their imagination, color perception, and hand motor skills. This toy will be a great way to spend time with both enjoyment and benefit.