Active game set, art. 3404

CategorySeasonal Toys > Sports toys
Art. code3404
Weight350 g
Dimensions48 × 48 × 12 cm
Package Dimensions54.7 × 25.2 × 48.4 cm
About Product

"The TechnoK Ring Toss" is perfect for both children and adults. An ideal game for both indoor and outdoor use.

With bright colors and sturdy construction, this toy is designed to last through countless rounds of play.

Before starting the game, assemble the cross-shaped base and insert the rods into the holes for ring tossing. Next to each rod are numbers 10, 20, 30, 50. These represent the points a player earns when tossing a ring onto the corresponding rod. The winner is the one who accumulates the most points.

Improve coordination and focus while enjoying the game with "The TechnoK Ring Toss." The set includes a cross-shaped base in two parts, rods, and 5 rings each.