Toy "Train Mini TechnoK", art. 8072

CategoryVehicles > Mini transport
Art. code8072
Weight35 g
Dimensions10 х 5.5 х 6 cm
Package Dimensions33 х 20 х 13.5 cm
About Product

Here you are the novelties in the “Mini transport” TechnoK series – bright and colorful train. Both girls and boys will like these toys, as the toy transport is their favorite toy.
Train with a carriage will take part in every interesting game. Thanks to fastenings on the chassis you can easily connect them with other cars of the Mini transport series. So you can make a very long train.
The size is specially designed for children`s hands. You can take these small toys with you for a walk, or play with them at the kindergarten.
It is known by everyone that role - playing games are very useful for children, because they develop fantasy, imagination and thinking. Playing together, kids improve their social and communicative skills.
The toys are made of high quality materials, without odor.
Toy “Train Mini Technok” can be combined well with the “Costruction set TechnoK”, art.6825.
For children above 3.
The package is a net.