Toy "Construction set TechnoK", art. 6849

CategoryConstruction Sets > Construction set with mega blocks
Art. code6849
Weight382 g
Dimensions33 х 22 х 3.5 cm
Package Dimensions33.5 х 20 х 23.5 cm
About Product

If you don’t know how to interest your child to learn new things, games are surely the best way to do it. For kids and also for adults it’s the best way to learn. While playing children can better concentrate on the learning process  and learn new information, to make logical connections and memorise complex concepts.

We were stimulated by our young designer Tania`s story to create the toy. Once she told us about her first trip to the village. As a typical “asphalt child”, Tania first came to her grandma`s village in the foothills of the Carpathians when she was 3. The noise of a mountain river and the nice animals of her grandma`s farm were things that impressed her the most. The same evening she enthusiastically told her mom by phone that her grandmother Galya has a cow called Muha and a calf Sabrina, the cow grazes grass and gives milk and sour cream for little Tanya, the hen lays eggs, and soft sweaters can be made by the sheep's wool.

We decided to transform kids` memories into a constructor game that will help to learn names of pets, their “children”, favorite dishes and the scope.

All “heroes” are printed on elements with different colors that will definitely make the search for matching pictures easier. Children have to assemble the main figure of 3 big elements: a head, a body and legs. Smaller elements are their “children” and delicacies. An additional playing element is a cardboard tree that can be assembled and used during games.


In addition to the main purpose – the studyof animals, the toy is a common construction set, it is easy to construct towers, houses, bridges and various figures with it. All the elements have the same size as the construction sets from the Technok series with big bricks and can be combined with them. The image on the bricks is applied by modern technology - thermal transfer. Such images are bright, and do not fade after repeated use and washing. All the construction set elements are made of high-quality materials, without odor.

The main advantage of this toy is the improvement of important skills for children`s full growth. Games develop fine motor skills and help to train coordination. Also, parents playing with their children can teach them new words and concepts: names of colors, forms and animals. Exciting games with the construction set educate attention, patience and perseverance. Playing together, children improve social and communicative skills. They have to cooperate, discuss further steps and agree to solve the tasks. Try, experiment, make mistakes and redo. We learn through games, creating something new, learning more about ourselves and the world!

The set includes 35 big details, suitable for children above 2 and a cardboard tree.

The package is a bright box with a “window”.

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