Toy "Embroidery set", art. 6313

CategoryEducational Games > Embroidery sets
Art. code6313
Weight185 g
Dimensions28.5 х 20.5 х 4 cm
Package Dimensions42 х 26 х 58.5 cm
About Product

Embroidery is one of the most popular kind of creativity. You can realize interesting geometric ornaments, bright images of flowers, birds, traditional or modern patterns. From ancient times embroidery has decoratedclothes, paintings and house hold items. There are also many techniques and types of embroidery: cross stitch, smooth embroidery, beading, ribbon embroidery and others. That is why embroidery kits are so popular among children.

For creative children we offer the toy "Embroidery set TechnoK", which will allow the child to embroider a real picture. The set includes a canvas frame and a needle with a large eye, both made of plastic - so they are safe for children. Large eyes of the canvas are suitable for the first steps and training in embroidery.

The plastic canvas is at the same time a frame, so you can hung on the wall the finished painting and decorate the room.

Embroidery educatesin children love of needlework, perseverance and diligence. This is a great exercise for developing fine motor skills, attention and memory. When embroidering, you need to count every next step. This will help childrentoimprove their countingand concentration skills.

The toy is made of high-qualityand odorless plastic.

The package isa bright box.

The setincludes: a plastic frame - 1 piece, needles for embroidery - 2 pieces, color threads according to the scheme.

For children above 6.