Toy "Sand Set TechnoK", art. 1370

CategorySeasonal Toys > Summer sets
Art. code1370
Weight220 g
Dimensions28.5 × 16.5 × 15 cm
Package Dimensions46.7 × 47.7 × 30.4 cm
About Product
Toy "Mill 4 TechnoK" (art. 1370) is not just an ordinary toy mill; it's a true marvel of technology for your little one! With its original design resembling a penguin with an umbrella, this toy attracts attention and captivates from the first glance.
The main feature of "Mill 4 TechnoK" is its moving wheel, which easily activates under the action of water or sand. Your child will be fascinated watching the wheel turn as they pour water or sand into the container. This creates a magical effect that encourages exploration and creativity.
Additionally, the base of the toy is a sieve for sand, adding even more possibilities for enjoyable playtime. The set also includes bucket "A", two spades, and a shovel, which complement and expand the game's possibilities.