Toy "Sand Set IML TechnoK", art. 1387

CategorySeasonal Toys > Summer sets
Art. code1387
Weight215 g
Dimensions29 × 16.5 × 15 cm
Package Dimensions46.7 × 47.7 × 30.4 cm
About Product
Toy "Windmill 5 TechnoK" (art. 1387) is a wonderful way to make the time spent at the beach or in the garden even more exciting and captivating for your child! With this unique toy in the shape of a penguin with an umbrella, your little one will be thrilled with every moment of play.
The main feature of "Windmill 5 TechnoK" is its moving wheel, which easily activates under the action of water or sand. Your child will be fascinated watching the wheel spin as they pour or sprinkle water or sand. This creates a magical effect that encourages your child's curiosity and creativity.
The base of the toy is a sand sieve, allowing your child to easily and creatively create unique constructions and figures. Additionally, the "Windmill 5 TechnoK" set includes a bucket with a large image applied using IML technology. The set also includes two shovels and a rake, complementing and expanding the creative possibilities of your child's play.