Toy "Sand Set TechnoK", art. 2742

CategorySeasonal Toys > Summer sets
Art. code2742
Weight370 g
Dimensions42 × 20 × 18 cm
Package Dimensions48.7 × 48.7 × 59.4 cm
About Product
Toy "Windmill 2 TechnoK" (art. 2742) is an exciting toy in the form of a windmill that will bring your little one countless joyful moments of creative play. With its original design featuring windows and a windmill, this windmill will become a favorite accessory for your time at the beach or in the garden.
The main feature of "Windmill 2 TechnoK" is its two wheels that move in opposite directions under the influence of water or sand poured or sprinkled by the child into the container. This captivating mechanism sets the windmill in motion, creating a magical effect that will captivate your child's attention.
The base of the toy consists of a sieve for sand, adding more possibilities for creativity and experimentation for your little one. With "Windmill 2 TechnoK", your child will not only have fun but also develop their imagination and motor skills. Additionally, the set includes a bucket, shovel, and rake. This toy will become a beloved part of your family's active and creative leisure time.