Toy «Tools set TechnoK», art. 5866

CategoryRole Play sets > Sets of tools
Art. code5866
Weight985 g
Dimensions34.5х26х16 cm
Package Dimensions33х26.5х49.5 cm
About Product

The bright and functional suitcase with a set of tools is ready and it`s waiting for important tasks in exciting games! "To repair" or "to build"? The kid will decide by himself! He will have all necessary toy tools: a hammer, pliers, a saw for metal and a saw for wood, a corner, a split key, screwdriver with two nozzles - a figure one and a plane one. Also in the "magic" suitcase of a small craftsman there is a comfortable belt with special pockets for tools and a helmet, which is very similar to the helmet of adult builders.


The compact suitcase has strong and safe wheels and a comfortable adjustable handle. It can be used in different games. Children at the same time can use it as case for storing other toys from the set.


Both children and adults will appreciate the benefits of the toy "Tools set  TechnoK". With this toy, kids will not only have a great time, but also they will learn a lot about the construction tools.