Toy "Sand Set IML TechnoK", art. 3138

CategorySeasonal Toys > Summer sets
Art. code3138
Weight130 g
Dimensions24 × 17 × 16 cm
Package Dimensions69.2 × 42.7 × 52.4 cm
About Product
The "Sand Play Set 3 TechnoK" (art. 3138) is not just a toy for your child's entertainment, but also a gateway to unforgettable adventures in the world of the sandbox. Sand play is not just a pastime; it's a realm of creativity where every child's imagination comes to life.
Our sand play set is designed to make sandbox playtime as engaging and interesting as possible for your child. It includes a colorful bucket with a vibrant design, a sieve for sifting sand, shovels, rakes, and beautiful molds for creative experiments.
One of the unique features of our set is the use of IML technology to apply the design to the bucket. This innovative technology ensures the durability of the design against exposure to sunlight and mechanical damage.
With the "Sand Play Set 3 TechnoK" your child will not only have fun but also develop their imagination, creativity, and motor skills. This toy will become an indispensable part of your child's carefree and colorful childhood.