Toy "Sand Set IML TechnoK", art. 0090

CategorySeasonal Toys > Summer sets
Art. code0090
Weight300 g
Dimensions25 × 24 × 22 cm
Package Dimensions59.7 × 39.7 × 77.4 cm
About Product
Toy "Sand Set 4 TechnoK" (art. 0090) is a wonderful kit that will complement your child's sand playtime, providing countless joyful moments and fostering their creative imagination.
In this set, you will find a bright bucket, shovel, sand molds, and a watering can - everything necessary for creative experiments in the sandbox. The various shapes and vibrant colors of these toys attract children's attention and contribute to the development of their memory and imagination.
With the "Sand Set 4 TechnoK" your child will not only enjoy playing but also develop their creative abilities and fine motor skills. This toy will become an integral part of their fun and exciting childhood.