Metallic construction set "Jet fighter", art. 4944

CategoryConstruction Sets > Metallic construction
Art. code4944
Weight377 g
Dimensions19 х 18.7 х 3.5 cm
Package Dimensions43 х 23 х 19 cm
About Product

"Gvintokril TechnoK" is an exciting metal construction set that offers endless creative possibilities. With this model, you can assemble your own gyrocopter and enjoy its flights in the sky. The set includes a large number of parts that allow you to create various variations of gyrocopters with unique characteristics.

The "Gvintokril" model is one of the most interesting in our large series of metal construction sets. Please note that the model has online support on our YouTube channel. In addition to the gyrocopter from this large set of parts, a young engineer can assemble other models suggested by their imagination.

Instructions Manual