Toy "Shovel TechnoK", art. 2766

CategorySeasonal Toys > Shovels, rakes, buckets
Art. code2766
Weight85 g
Dimensions50 × 15 × 5.5 cm
Package Dimensions55.7 × 42.7 × 41 cm
About Product
The shovel - a universal and indispensable toy for all little ones. This toy comes in handy for building sandcastles and gathering dry leaves. And if there's work to be done in the garden, your little one with a shovel will become your first helper. In winter, the toy won't sit idle either: with the shovel, it's easy to clear a pathway or gather snow for a snowman. This enchanting toy will transform any sandbox or snowy mound into a place of incredible adventures.
The diverse color palette of the shovel is tailored for both boys and girls.
The toy is made of durable, high-quality plastic without any odor or sharp edges.