Toy "Flying Saucer TechnoK", art. 3022

CategorySeasonal Toys > Sports toys
Art. code3022
Weight100 g
Dimensions23 × 23 × 3 cm
Package Dimensions39.7 × 39.7 × 30.4 cm
About Product

This exciting toy offers an endless array of fun moments and unforgettable experiences. Send it soaring through the air, and it will glide smoothly like a true flying talisman. Its lightweight and aerodynamic design ensure stable flight and thrilling tricks in the air.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our flying saucer guarantees durability and resilience. Its vibrant colors and stylish design captivate every eye, making the game even more intriguing.

We invite you to experience the boundless flight of imagination with the TechnoK flying saucer - a toy that always brings joy and satisfaction!