«Intelcom» has taken part in the second Business Conference “Market of the Ukrainian Toys. Ways of growth.”

On the 1st of November the conference hall “Depot” hosted the 2nd Business conference “Market of the Ukrainian Toys. Ways of growth”, arranged by the Ukrainian Association of Toy Industry. Participants of the Conference were the representatives of the leading operators of our toy market, including KIDDISVIT, Paritet Toys, Antoshka, UGEARS, Aimbulance, Artjoker, TechnoK, as well as such organizations as OWOX, UK Good Governance Fund, Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce of Ukraine. There were 250 participants altogether, who had a great opportunity to communicate for 4 working days. 
The aim of the conference was to answer the long-term questions about market development, such as – how have the consumer’s choice changed recently? What are the newest trends in retail trading? How to compromise between quality and low price? These along with a lot of other issues were discussed there. It is really hard to overestimate the importance of such meetings for those who are striving to provide country with a qualitative, safe and interesting toys.
We are grateful to the Ukrainian Association of Toy Industry and personally to the President of Association Pavlo Ovchinnikov and the Head of the Export Committee Sergiy Kleymenov for a wonderful opportunity to meet and communicate with persons holding the same views.