Toy "Construction set TechnoK",

The "TechnoK Constructor" toy, item number 9994, is an exciting building set that will captivate your child and open up a world of adventure and imagination.

The child will have fun playing while simultaneously developing creative skills, logical thinking, and spatial awareness.

This constructor will be a wonderful gift for future builders, architects, and inventors, giving them the opportunity to create various models and constructions.

The large set consists of 170 elements: building blocks, a track, road signs, trees, a fence, stickers, various parts for creating large buildings, and special construction equipment.

There is also a small hint – a detailed instruction booklet with projects that can be assembled.

Your young builder will create their own construction company and build the best residential complexes.

The bright colors of each element attract attention and stimulate interest in play and curiosity.

The "TechnoK" constructor, art. 9994 is made of high-quality, child-safe plastic, without odor and harmful substances.

Durable parts that easily connect to each other ensure the reliability of assembled structures.

This toy is ideal for children aged 3 years and older, providing them with hours of exciting and beneficial play.

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