Toy "Sand set TechnoK", art. 6009

CategorySeasonal Toys > Sand kits and buckets
Art. code6009
Weight868 g
Dimensions34.5 х 26 х 16 cm
Package Dimensions50.5 х 26.5 х 36 cm
About Product

A super cute Toy "Sand Set TechnoK" is in a suitcase now! The set includes a bucket, a watering can, a shovel, a rake and 6 fruit sand molds. All these toys are placed in the suitcase with transparent cover. Children will surely want to carry it everywhere.
The toy suitcase is interesting, functional and very similar to a real "adult" suitcase. Its bright blue color, transparent cover and original sticker will definitely attract the baby's attention. The sticker on the cover is applied by IML technology (direct injection of the picture on a toy). Such a drawing does not lose its brightness and it`s durable. Thanks to the adjustable handle, the suitcase is comfortable for children of different ages and different stature. The cover can be fixed in several positions. This way, the child can easily put and take out things from it. Safe latches allow to close the cover and store the toys inside the suitcase. In addition, large and strong wheels help the child to easily carry the suitcase.
With the toy «Sand Set TechnoK» in the suitcase, girls and boys can plan their exciting journeys and use it in other exciting games.
The set is made of durable and high quality plastic. For kids above 3. The packing is an original cardboard valve