Toy "Basket TechnoK", art. 6191

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Furniture > Baskets, market, dishes
Art. code6191
Weight125 g
Dimensions27 х 18.5 х 12 cm
Package Dimensions26 х 30 х 30 cm
About Product

Are you going to the supermarket? Or to collect apples in the forest? TM “TechnoK” toy basket gives the chance to children to choose different games. The basket is compact and it`s made of durable plastic, so the child can bring it for the walks. The product has different colors that makes it universal both for girls and boys.  The basket is decorated with bright stickers, that will certainly catch the friends` attention and cause absolute delight. Playing together brings more joy, so let`s gather friends and drive on for amazing adventures with the bright basket TM “TechnoK”!
Adults will certainly appreciate the impeccable quality of the toy and its safety.