Toy "Kitchen set TechnoK"

The new kitchen has everything small cooks need. On the gas burner the child can prepare delicious dishes for his toy friends. For this purpose there is a large pan with a lid, a saucepan, two plates, two spoons and two forks.
And after a festive dinner your child can wash the dishes in a toy sink with a crane and a movable handle.
This kitchen with the set of dishes is a great gift for all kids. With such a toy, small cooks can play in a real kitchen  and help their moms. Such games help well to develop motor skills, children's imagination and teach them to be tidy.
The set is sold in a bright box with a handle with which it is comfortable to carry.
In the set there is a kitchen worktop, a crane, a saucepan, a pan, a lid, two spoons, two forks and two plates. Toy is suitable for children from the age of 3 years.


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