Toy "Doll Stroller TechnoK"

"Daughters - mothers" is the most popular game for kids, without any doubt. Especially if there are younger sisters or brothers in the family, or the kid would like to have one, older children usually copy their parents. They lull dolls and favorite toys with pleasure, prepare delicious food for them, sing and speak with them, take them for a walk. So toys that are similar to usual household items are very popular. Different toy dishes, cribs and strollers are on the top list for birthdays and other family parties presents.

The amazing "Stroller TechnoK" will absolutely be liked by little mothers. The spacious cradle is suitable for a doll of Baby Born standard of 36 cm. Our stroller will help the youngest children to walk and will make their walk more sure. The deep-crimson roof will add special charm to the design and more comfort for the toys inside. In the lower part of the stroller there is a space for a bag with useful small things and toys. Big reliable wheels ensure stability and good passability on various roads.

The toy "Stroller TechnoK" - is every girl`s dream. It will be an amazing present and will give a lot of joy to kids. The toy is useful also for children rooms and kindergartens.
The role-playing games develop imagination and fantasy, thinking, fine motor skills, communication and social skills. Also, parents playing with their children can teach them new words, colors, poems and songs.
The toy is made of high-quality plastic, without odor, doesn`t contain phthalates and are BPA free, that means your child can play and lick the toy without any preoccupation for adults. They are also easy to clean and store.

The package is a bright cardboard box   37х27,5х19,3 cm.   

(The doll is not included.)
For children above 3.
The toy "Stroller" is a finalist in the "Best Toy 2022" competition from Baby Expo.

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