Potty Seat, арт. 9093

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Вес220 г
Размер упаковки товара40 х 30.5 х 13 см
Размер тары40 х 30 х 24 см
Количество в таре8

While growing up, every baby passes from diapers to the first potty and then to the real toilet. The potty seat will help to make this process easy not only for the child, but also for parents. Therefore, when choosing hygiene items for children, parents should pay attention not only to the ergonomics and hygiene of the product, but also to the baby`s reaction to a new household item. The most important thing is to interest the baby and not to cause negative emotions. All these requirements are met by the TM TechnoK products, a manufacturer that has many years of experience in making goods for children.
The child`s potty seat is reliably fixed to the “adult” toilet seat. Thanks to the rubberized inserts on the legs, it does not slip off the rim. Its rounded anatomical shapes provide comfort for babies. The thickened rounded rim along the contour means the absence of sharp edges and so the baby`s safety. You can carry and store the potty seat in the bath thanks to its big handle on the back.
Nice pastel colors and fun stickers with animals will interest your kids and will make the process of training easy and interesting. It is made of durable and high-quality plastic that does not cause allergies. The use of only high-quality dyes provides a bright color for a long period of use.
The color solution of the potty seats is the same as the children`s bathtubs and potties. It will help to create a single collection of baby`s hygiene items and will also fit well into the interior of the bathroom and children's room. It will also help children to accept novelties, as they are already familiar.
We recommend washing the potty seat with a warm soap solution after each use.
For children above 1 year and a half. But getting your child used to the toilet is an individual process that depends more on the child`s development than age. Maximum load is 25 kg.