Toy "Tricycle TechnoK", art. 3824

CategoryRide-ons > Scooters
Art. code3824
Weight1350 g
Dimensions55 × 39.5 × 22 cm
Package Dimensions61.7 × 40.9 × 33.7 cm
About Product
"Rollicycle TechnoK" is the perfect way to combine entertainment and physical activity for your child outdoors.
This unique toy will help your little one develop balance and coordination, providing unforgettable experiences with every ride. A four-wheel bike without pedals, your child simply needs to push off the ground with their feet and steer the handlebars. Suitable for play at home or outdoors.
Allow your child to experience true freedom of movement and enjoy every moment with "Rollicycle TechnoK"!
Suitable for children aged 1 and up.