Constructor "Coat of Arms of Ukraine"

Introducing the latest addition - the first set from the "Patriotic Ukraine" series - "Coat of Arms of Ukraine", art. 0129. This special order was created in fruitful collaboration with "Beles Ukraine".

A vibrant, original, and exceptionally beautiful model. It's not just a toy; it's a symbol of our nation's resilience and unity, a testament to our faith in Victory, and the free, flourishing future of Ukraine.

The "Coat of Arms of Ukraine" constructor offers:

- A chance to delve deeper into Ukrainian symbolism and its significance.

- A fantastic gift for both adults and children that will surely be remembered.

- A game that captivates attention and promotes quality time with family and loved ones.

The details of the constructor are made from high-quality plastic. Size: 24-19-18 cm. Number of elements: 203 pcs.

"Coat of Arms of Ukraine" (model 0129) is a limited collection, so don't miss your chance to purchase this set for your store.

Order the constructor wholesale now on the "Beles Ukraine" website and delight your customers with this patriotic novelty.

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