Toy "Pusher TechnoK"

We have developed a NEW series of helicopter pusher toys in different colours (you can choose from 6 colours from khaki to pink) and with different emotions, since children love this toy.

The helicopter pusher toy by TechnoK combines bright design, emotional expressiveness and interactive features.

This pusher is equipped with a long handle (if necessary, it can be unfolded and conveniently transported or stored), a stable design that provides convenient control and a comfortable grip for small hands. By spinning the wheels of the pusher, the child activates a special function - the helicopter itself starts flying!

The toy helps to improve motor skills, develop coordination and physical activity. It stimulates imagination and creativity, inspiring the child to invent stories and role-playing games. It also helps to recognise emotions and empathise through various expressions.

This toy combines fun, development and unforgettable adventures.

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