TechnoK lunch box, art. 9376

CategoryBaby products > Lunch boxes
Art. code9376
Weight89 g
Dimensions16.3х10.7х6 cm
Package Dimensions33.2×20.1×23.4 cm
About Product

The dog Patron and the tank that was confiscated is already a legend! That's why we decided to create cool, colorful lunch boxes for little patriots.


A quick, and most importantly, healthy snack is the key to a healthy diet for children and adults. To take a sandwich, fruit or nuts on the road, you need a convenient and safe container. A lunch box from TechnoK will be perfect for school and kindergarten, walks, picnics or travel.  Compact size, rounded corners and a reliable clasp make the lunch box convenient to carry in bags and backpacks.


Features of TechnoK lunch boxes:

- safe plastic, no odor. Does not contain phthalates and BPA. This means that the product does not cause allergies and you can store cold food in it;

- a reliable latch guarantees a firm fixation;

- the lid of the container is connected to the bottom, it will not be lost or confused with other containers;

- the lunch box is dishwasher safe and can be stored in the refrigerator.


- volume - 900 ml

- dimensions 16.3x10.7x6 cm, weight 89 g

- different colors and stickers to choose from


The lunch box can be used in a variety of situations, such as in kindergarten, at school, on a walk, while traveling, on a picnic, and many others. It is an essential accessory for those who want to preserve the freshness and taste of food in any situation and maintain a healthy lifestyle.