Toy "Ball and Ring Toss TechnoK", art. 3411

CategorySeasonal Toys > Sports toys
Art. code3411
Weight495 g
Dimensions46.5 × 15.5 × 13.5 cm
Package Dimensions54 × 24.5 × 47 cm
About Product

This bright toy will help you to improve your child's accuracy skill. It is perfect indoors and outdoors. Before the beginning of game it is necessary to join together the cruciform basis and insert in opening bars and small baskets into which the rings and balls are filled up in. Near every bar there are numbers (10,20,30,50). They are points which are given to a player if he (or she) throws a ring on a corresponding bar. The person who gets the biggest number of points becomes a winner. A toy is intended for children since the age of 3 years old.