Toy «Medical kit in backpack TechnoK», art. 8638

CategoryRole Play sets > Backpack
Art. code8638
Weight538 g
Dimensions26.5 х 21.5 х 13 cm
Package Dimensions37 х 23 х 28.5 cm
About Product

A backpack for preschoolers! Yes, it is really convenient and beautiful.


The backpack TechnoK is a toy and also a useful accessory for kids. They will be attracted by bright colors and interesting filling.   


Medical kit, that hurries to help animals, dolls and other toys. There are all necessary tools for providing first aid in the backpack.


The most important thing is the real and big first aid kit, which will be useful to all babies and parents during a trip or a walk. In the first aid kit, you can store vitamins, antiseptics, plasters and napkins.


Parents, first of all, will appreciate the comfort and safety of the toy. The backpack is made of durable and high-quality plastic, it keeps its shape well, it is also resistant to hits and cracks. Adjustable straps will allow you to adjust their length for children of different heights.


The plastic backpack is easy to care for, you don`t need to wash it, it`s enough to wipe it with a damp cloth inside and outside. Rain and snow are also not "scary" for it - the toys inside will not lock and will remain in good condition.

You can put inside the backpack your lunchbox with a healthy snack, a coloring book, pencils, your favorite teddy bear and other different toys. It has also enough space for gloves, a hat or a change of clothes.


The backpack TechnoK is a great choice for a kindergarten, educational groups, walks in the park, and meetings with friends.



  • height 27 cm
  • width 22 cm
  • thickness 13 cm
  • volume – 4,2 l
  • one large department
  • reliable clasp
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • comfortable textile handle
  • the backpack opens at 180 degrees


The game moment ofthe set will help children to overcome their fear of doctors and will be a good gift for polite behavior in the doctor`s office.


The toy is made of safe plastic, does not have an extraneous odor, does not contain phthalates.

Complete set: a first aid kit,toydoctor's tools, a backpack.


For children above3.

Packaging – cardboard label.