Toy «Teether TechnoK», art. 9161

CategoryBaby products > TechnoK Baby: teethers, multi-functional rings
Art. code9161
Weight14 g
Dimensions14 х 10 х 0.7 cm
Package Dimensions23 х 20 х 11.5 cm
Age3 місяці
About Product

The teething period is not easy for children and parents. Babies are capricious, they constantly want to nibble something, so they put everything in their mouths to scratch swollen and irritated gums.

To calm the pruritus there are appropriate toys – different teethers. They are made of safe and pleasant material.
TechnoK Baby line presents animal teethers. This shape is not chosen by chance. It is thought to be easily grasped by children's hands. At the same time, the toys are large enough and do not contain small details. Toys also develop fine motor skills and tactile sensations.

Toys are made of a special softened material. It is non-toxic, odorless, phthalates and BPA free. This means that toys are safe for children's health.

Packaging - cardboard holder
For children from 3 months