Toy "Quadcopter TechnoK", art. 7990

CategoryVehicles > Helicopters, planes, ferries
Art. code7990
Weight170 g
Dimensions26 х 25 х 11 cm
Package Dimensions50.5 х 26 х 36 cm
About Product

The fantastic world of the future is amazing. In the 21st century science and technologies are developing with human dreams speed. Not so long ago, only the bravest dreamers could imagine flying aircraft moving silently in the air and changing fast direction and speed. Today it`s commonplace. The development of passenger quadcopters or quadcopters – taxi and other services is carried out in hundreds of scientific and technical laboratories around the world.

Quadcopters also prove care of the environment. They`re equipped with electric motors that are ecological and do not pollute the air.

The toy “Quadcopter TechnoK” – is our view into the nearest future, it combines technologies, beauty and aerodynamic design. Such an air transport will bring a lot of joy to your child that will come up with interesting and exciting games. You can conduct investigation, extinguish fires, chase criminals and conduct air excursions.

In the big open cabin you can put toy superheroes that hurry up for help. Luxurious salon “invites” the pilot to exciting adventures. The “Quadcopter” is equipped with 4 wheels that permit the movement on the ground. Four movable propellers, thematic stickers and bright colors will definitely be liked by kids.

The top of dreams is a platform for several quadcopters that have their own mission each. Such platforms will soon appear everywhere – near supermarkets, recreation areas, on the roofs and high in the mountains.

Bright and stylish quadcopter will enchant every kid and will have a special place in the transport collection. It will surely cause excited looks of yearlings and interest of adults.

Different role-playing games help to develop fine motor skills, imagination, fantasy and help to train coordination. Playing together children develop social and communication skills.

The toy is made of durable high-quality plastic, without odor.

For kids above 3.