Toy "Military transport TechnoK", art. 9130

CategoryVehicles > Cars 30.5 cm
Art. code9130
Weight760 g
Dimensions39.5 х 33 х 22.5 cm
Package Dimensions44 х 39 х 31.5 cm
About Product

A powerful large SUV and a fast maneuvering helicopter in a military set from TechnoK.

This is already a well-known and beloved jeep, and our new product is a military helicopter.


The big SUV is a typical “ALL-ROAD” with a spare wheel, attached to the back door. The car has large wheels with a bright tread that easily overcome various obstacles. You can place small toys inside the car and take them with you on a trip. The interesting dynamic design of the off-road vehicle will certainly attract the child's attention to the toy. The color scheme and bright stickers add a special drive to the game - this is how children imagine themselves as super heroes.


A fast and maneuverable helicopter “TechnoK” is part of the Air Force.  A powerful propeller and a large chassis give the toy stability. On the fuselage, the aerial bird carries war missiles. The cabin  opens for the ghost pilot. The helicopter is decorated with a bright patriotic sticker.

The toys are made of safe, high-quality, odorless materials. They are strong and reliable.


The car has a colourful label “Good evening, we are from Ukraine” on a pixel background. 


Protective color - khaki.

Packaging: the helicopter is attached to the car with a tie (without a net).