Toy "Military transport TechnoK", art. 7792

CategoryVehicles > Cars 30.5 cm
Art. code7792
Weight770 g
Dimensions32.5 х 28 х 25 cm
Package Dimensions64 х 37 х 30 cm
About Product

Today our children as their parents, grandparents and all Ukraine dream about a big VICTORY. We need modern military equipment in order to win. 


We present a toy set, that comprehends a military car and a quadcopter. The car has a reliable frame and big wheels for driving on roads and off-road. Back doors of the car can be opened, the body can transport not only brave defenders, but also different cargoes - like weapons, ammunition etc. 


The quadcopter is the weapons of war of the 21st century, it combines technologies, beauty and aerodynamic design. In a large cabin with a wide view you can put toy superheroes that hurry up for scout or attack the enemy. The Quadcopter “TechnoK” is equipped with 4 wheels that permit the movement on the ground. Four propellers and thematic stickers will definitely be liked by kids.


This transport set will bring a lot of joy to your child. Children will invent interesting and exciting games - conducting scout, attacking, chasing and destroying enemies. And definitely win!


The toy is for kids above 3. 

The car has a colourful label “Good evening, we are from Ukraine” on a pixel background. 


Protective color - khaki.

Packaging: the quadcopter is attached to the car with a tie (without a net).