Toy «Gardener set TechnoK», art. 8485

CategorySeasonal Toys > Watering cans, wheelbarrows
Art. code8485
Weight805 g
Dimensions56 х 22.5 х 21.2 cm
Package Dimensions55 х 25 х 33 cm
About Product

A sunny season is the best time to stay outside, play in the sandbox, swim in the pool or play football. Also children are happy to help their parents, grandparents in the garden or in the backyard. There is always a lot of work to do in the flowerbed, like transplant flowers, trim bushes and harvest.


The basis of the set is a bright blue wheelbarrow with a large sturdy wheel, a leg and soft rubberized handles. The design makes it resistant to overturning during turns, descents or climbs. In a wheelbarrow, you can transport apples collected in the garden, leaves, sand or even your toy friends)


For little gardeners we offer a special gardener set that includes:

  • secateurs to trim bushes;
  • a big scoop for flowers; 
  • a rake and a hoe for loosening the soil;
  • a bright bucket;
  • a watering can.

It is really convenient to carry everything in the organiser. You can put inside also seedlings, seeds and a flower pot. Different role-playing games develop children's imagination and fantasy, thinking and fine motor skills, communication and social skills. Playing with children, parents can teach them new words: names of objects, various products, colors and shapes. 


The toys are safe for children, they are made of high quality plastic, durable, without odors, they do not contain phthalates and BPA.


The package is a net with a cardboard label.

For children above 3.