Toy "Train Mini TechnoK", art. 9116

CategoryVehicles > Mini transport
Art. code9116
Weight178 g
Dimensions26 х 10 х 5.5 cm
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About Product

A train is going through the grove,

I shout: - Wait!

- When it heard, it did not run away.

It waited for us, babies.

- Tu-tu-tu! - the horn is buzzing,

We all are going to kindergarten.

(Lessons. Speech development. Younger group.)


“The train with wagons” can be used as a teaching tool for different classes with preschoolers and students of the younger group. While playing babies are able to better concentrate on the teaching process and learn new information, build logical connections and remember difficult concepts . 


It can be used for:

  • studying colours;
  • quantitative, ordinal and inverse counting;
  • comparison (<>=) of sets, calculation of examples and problems on "+" and "-";
  • measuring the length of objects. 

It can be used also for others table and logical-fun games. 

The train will complete the children’s playing rooms and transport sets, that are so adorable by every child. 

The role-playing games develop fantasy, imagination and thinking. Playing together, children develop social and communication skills. 


The toy “Mini train” can be combined well with 

other cars of the Mini series, like Constructor art. 6825, a garage and a parking lot from TechnoK!