Toy "Helicopter TechnoK", art. 8508

CategoryVehicles > Helicopters, planes, ferries
Art. code8508
Weight109 g
Dimensions26 х 13 х 11.4 cm
Package Dimensions34 х 21 х 23.5 cm
About Product

Who among us, being children, looking at the blue sky overhead, did not dream of flying? Who did not envy the birds that flew into the sky with a light flap of their wings? Nowadays, the dream of human flight has come true. In this we were helped by miraculous machines - airplanes, helicopters and rockets. Probably, that is why toys that simulate aviation and space technology and embody the eternal dream of mankind about flights fascinate our children. After all, these toys give a joyful feeling of lightness and speed, help to imagine yourself as a pilot or an astronaut in the boundless abyss of the sky. And this is probably the dream profession of every kid.


Fast and maneuverable helicopters from TechnoK  are part of the MES. A powerful propeller and a large chassis give stability to the toy. Tanks or containers with payload are attached to the fuselage of a rescue services. The cabins can be opened so you can put inside the pilot or the favorite toy. The helicopter is decorated with a bright patriotic sticker, 


The toy helicopter will become your child`s favourite toy. You can imagine different role-playing games and imagine yourself to be a superhero. Fight the forest fires, rescue people and animals during disasters, provide emergency assistance and defend territories. Such games will catch your children's interest and will give a lot of positive emotions to parents. There is a big probability that many years later, already behind the wheel of a real aircraft, the young pilot will smile remembering his first helicopter. Helicopter TechnoK....


The Toy is for kids above 3. It is made of high quality plastic, without odor, does not contain phthalates and is BPA free that means that your child can carelessly touch and lick it. It is also easy to clean and store.