Toy "Dry pool balls TechnoK", art. 8904

CategorySeasonal Toys > Sports toys
Art. code8904
Weight150 g
Dimensions19.5 х 19.5 х 19.5 cm
Package Dimensions40 х 40 х 30.5 cm
About Product

For their babies, parents want to provide a comprehensive development, a good mood and exciting leisure. Also they want to have some free time for themselves. For this purpose you need interesting and safe toys. All these requirements are met by the TM “TechnoK” production, which has many years of experience.

“Set of balls for dry pools Technok” is a perfect toy for dry pools at home, in the children's rooms and other different game complexes. Such toys are sure to attract the children's attention and bring a lot of joy.

Bright balls – are useful, and most importantly, safe for kids. Children can not only “swim with balls in a dry swimming pool” but also come up with other exciting games: carry in a basket or in a cart, sort over colors or just spill and gather. They are also suitable for games on sorting, learning colors and shapes.

Bigger children can use balls for sports games: beat balls with a hockey stick, a tennis racket or a baseball bat, train dexterity in games of accuracy. Playing with friends and making different competitions is especially interesting for kids.

Playing with balls develops coordination, big and small motility, and physical endurance.  Children will be provided with interesting leisure, energy and positive emotions.


The toy is made of safe odorless plastic.

The set includes 15 balls of 60 mm.

Package includes a net.

For children above 2 years.