Toy "Hedgehog TechnoK", art. 8300

CategoryEducational Games > Sorters "Smart kid"
Art. code8300
Weight245 g
Dimensions21 х 20 х 17 cm
Package Dimensions33 х 20 х 23.5 cm
About Product

Children get acquainted with the whole world thanks to games. High-quality and useful toys have an important role in the kids` growth. They help to learn colors, to sort sizes and shapes, to build and get acquainted with names of different objects, plants and animals. Sorters are perfect for such games. They develop fine motor skills and coordination that has a positive effect on speech, memory, logic and imagination. 

The novelty "Hedgehog TechoK" meets all the requirements of a high-quality and useful toy.  The set includes a bright hedgehog, 10 colored needles, an apple and a pear. All the elements can be used for funny games and developmental exercises. 

There are 10 special holes on the hedgehog back. The task of the game is to insert the needles into the holes. A simple game at first sight develops fine motor skills of the fingers. A big apple and a pear can be inserted among the needles that adds another game moment. Now the "Hedgehog" is like a real forest magician. 

Needles of different classical colors are suitable also for tasks of learning colors, sorting, counting, adding and subtracting. 

We also didn`t forget about fun - the hedgehog has 4 shunting wheels, and the nose has a special hole for a rope. Sorter becomes an interesting push toy, it can be used at home or taken for a walk.

The sorter "Hedgehog" will give to your children hours of interesting activities alone or with friends. 

TechnoK toys are safe for children and don't have sharp edges or small details. Made of quality, odorless plastic, phthalate-free and BPA-free, which means your baby can carelessly touch and lick them. Toys are also easy to clean and store. 


The toy is indicated for children above 1 year and a half. 

Complete set: a hedgehog, 10 needles, an apple, a pear. The hedgehog can be blue or green. 

The package is a colored cardboard (19х11х16 cm).