Toy "Mosaic TechnoK", art. 8218

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Art. code8218
Weight570 g
Dimensions37.5 х 29 х 5 cm
Package Dimensions44 х 39 х 31.5 cm
About Product

If you don’t know how to interest your child to learn new things, games are surely the best way to do it. For kids and also for adults it’s the best way to learn. While playing children can better concentrate on the learning process  and learn new information, to do logical connections and memorise complex concepts. We offer our toy “Mosaic TechnoK”, for a better learning of alphabet and mastering of reading basics.

The “Mosaic TechnoK” contains everything for interesting leisure and effective learning. A plastic grid is attached to a large bright base with a handle. The set includes 35 buttons with printed letters.

For composing words there are 5 double-sided color patterns made of thick paper and holes for buttons. Under holes there are letters, that make words. The thematic pictures on the patterns serve like a hint that will help children to memorise words and letters faster and better. After composing all the words on pictures, children can make other words by themselves.

After games you should take care of storing the toy. For this aim, the set includes a suitcase, that serves as a container for patterns and mosaic buttons. The handle permits to carry it and take it to classes.

The mosaic will help to learn letters, start reading, improve speaking, visual memory and increase vocabulary. Reading will take kids to the fascinating world of fairy tales and adventure books. 


For kids above 3. 

The package is a bright box with a “window” and a comfortable handle.