Toy «House TechnoK», art. 6719

CategoryEducational Games > Sorters "Smart kid"
Art. code6719
Weight420 g
Dimensions22 х 19.5 х 21 cm
Package Dimensions40 х 24 х 43.5 cm
About Product

Children get acquainted with the world thanks to games. Therefore, high quality and useful toys play an important role in children's development. They help to study colors, to sort according to sizes and shapes, to build pyramids and to get acquainted with names of different objects.

Sorter “House TechnoK '' with a cute design of a fairy-tale forest house will be appreciated both by boys and girls. Standard colors and familiar shapes will surely capture children's attention. The sorter will give hours of interesting activities to your children, alone or with friends.

The big toy “House TechnoK” has 4 doors and a red roof.Children can push inside the small animals, like a frog, a horse, a bear and a butterfly, inside the house through the shaped holes in the doors. To get the animals, you need to open the door with the appropriate key. Colored tips help children to play – colors of animals, doors and keys are the same. The shape of each key is also not  accidental, but it corresponds to the lock on the specific door: a square, a triangle, a rhombus and a star. Children can also push inside geometric figures through holes on the roof. These molds are specially designed for proper training - they are high, and they can not be pushed sideways or into the wrong hole.

The roof has a pull-out handle that helps to carry the house. This way the toy will always be with your child.

The toy house is big and spacious. You can use it as a garage for small cars or a fairy-tale castle for dolls. Animals and geometric molds can be used also for sand and water games.

Games with sorters are very useful for kids. They develop fine motor skills and coordination, which has a positive effect on thinking and speaking. Children get acquainted with different colors, shapes and animals thanks to this sorter.

The toy is made of high-quality plastic, without odor, does not contain phthalates and is BPA free, which means that your child can carelessly touch and lick them. Toys are also easy to clean and store.

Toy “House TechnoK” will bring a lot of joy to your children. It can be a great present “under the Christmas tree”, for a birthday party, for Christmas or another festive event. 

For kids above 1.

The package is a net.